Welcome to The Devil's Buttcrack!
"Come, let us reason together."

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no one is watching this page its probably too scatalogical--UPDATED, its surely only a matter of time before somebody sees this but anyways, the common fund was just raided too many times and then poeple terrorized us for trying to say why.
So, the common fund henceforce is in the hand of St Miachel where the Devil can wheeze and moan but he will never get at it.
the montevideo conference of 1933 specified that a federal nation exists prior to any ratification,and if south sudan had a legit grievance we surely do as well. --we declare sovereignty on the foundation of economic and social injustice and that is reason enough.As a passing observation, did not the church establish itself in the devils hind end, indeed the very place where we may assume pontius pilate received his office? Is this not the situs of vatican city?
Are you offended by the crudeness of the title of this page?

Was it not in the devil's buttcrack that Dante the refined, erudite Florentine poet placed Judas and Brutus?
For we are not unrefined but we are honest, and there are times when social niceties allow things that ought to be stopped to continue unchecked.
The real crudeness in life is interior, hidden in the heart as in an alabaster tomb.(Jesus said that.)
On saturday the sacrificial lamb was silent and satan snickered, but o how mistaken pride can be.
"The Devil's buttcrack" is a true democracy and everyone is regarded as equal, as created by God with rights that inhere in their person and thus cannot be contravened by any force known or unknown.
As money and power have long been the guarantor of those rights, and we have seen firsthand how the Devil salivates and pants after money and power, and will flatter and cajole those who have it to attract them to his service, we respectfully inquire of all those who wield disproportionate control over money and power:
what does your heart tell you? Should you not humble yourself before the Holy Spirit the lord and giver of life who made you and gave you breath? (Trump is not the only one to whom these words are addressed.)
Because the words and actions of Jesus are an indescribable comfort when people accuse others haughtily of things they themselves are guilty of, read the following story about Jesus in order to console your heart.
We are not drawing any other parallel beyond this: God is the only judge of anyone. No human being has the right to judge another any more than they have the right to mistreat another.
The pharisees had assembled to stone a woman caught in adultery.
Jesus knew they would probably all have done the exact same thing if given the opportunity and most of them probably already had, but of course "no face no case".
Jesus being God could likely have recited to them every detail of their sins, but he did not do this. He said one thing: "he among you who is not guilty may cast the first stone."
We all have the right to flee oppression and abuse, but not to judge it.
The only person who is qualified to judge the impurity of another person is the one who has none himself.
Which means, we all just got disqualifiedIf you come here under a false pretense, and you don't love people you'd best be warned:
this webpage is made of true, organic, authentic love only, that's the only ingredient here.
So if it doesn't taste good to you, that's really an issue of "de gustibus nihil est disputandem."

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we will be taking care of academic matters soon The Devil's buttcrack is a real mountain. Whether it was formed by a volcano we have not yet investigated. However, we plan on using our virtual volcano to vanquish the devil here at "the devil's buttcrack".
Many people do not believe in the devil, viewing him as "a relic of the dark ages". He certainly is that, since wherever he goes is dark and dreary.
Until we blow him out, like the lava of love blows out of a volcano.
Those who have fought the devil at any stage of their life often comment that three am is his favorite hour...the time when he mocks Jesus by some stupidity.
At three am devil worshippers are reportedly often laughing in a mean, meschina type way at the beautiful Jesus, doing damage to the bread -- which is actually and truly the Body of christ, and thus, synonymous with all people which means, if you lay your hand on anyone with the intention to dominate them, you have laid your hand on the Volcano of Love, and that's not recommended--and laughing also at the way they have harried, harrassed, and hated the hopeful adherents to love's gospel.
So, haters, hyd?
we here at the Devil's buttcrack are preparing our own witchery brew. We plan to lure the devil to the volcano by means of treachery and trickery proposed by the TRIED AND TRUE TRUSTED TIGER EYED TRANSCENDANCE,JEJEJE there upon the mountain we will put satan to a TRIAL BY THE FIRE OF LOVE. (note: this is not really treachery nor trickery because love is love. However the devil will view it as such because he doesn't love anybody.) He will lose, since "love is stronger than idiocy." (cf everything.). He will sit on the pinnacle of the mountain, shouting behold I am the king of the universe! And at that very moment, the earth, which belongs to God along with everything else, will belch forth a blazing burn of beatitude straight into his buttcrack. And if you're the devil, damn is that bound to sting!

Read no further if you do not wish to love.
This website is intended for those who love, and who wish to learn to love more.
If you do not fall into this category there is no need to proceed further.
However if you do wish to continue, please be aware: if you try to love people you can expect to be attacked because that is precisely what happened to Christ.
Ahora vamos a hablar en las lenguas de hombres y angeles...quieren hacer batalla con el diablo? Nosotros recommendamos LOS EJERCIZIOS ESPIRITUALES de SAN IGNACIO DE LOYOLA.
Even if you only get through one page, that's something. Not everyone can be a spiritual SEAL right away, in fact, none of us can.

Please note that if anyone wishes to leave a message for "the devil's buttcrack" you are more than welcome, you may leave it where messages are posted in Neocities.
In this way, everyone can be part of the conversation of love that we are having here. Love leads to conversation. LLC.
However, it is assumed that you understand that no one forced you to view this website. This website is not tagged or linked to trick poeple into viewing it, like many porn sites are, and we have made no hateful statements here, only love.
if you leave a hateful anonymous message it will be copied, and posted here on the devils buttcrack, and every time you do so, we will post something from the @METOO movement,
because no one has the right to threaten anyone else whether in person or online and we claim the right to defend ourselves and to expose the guilty where they threaten us.
The constitution of the USA gives both men AND women the exact same right to be free.
Women and children are human beings and they have the same rights as men do. The internet belongs to men and women equally and women have the right to be creative and fun and loving without being attacked for this.
We should not have to skulk around and hide our creativity and constantly justify ourselves forever and ever.
All human beings are naturally creative.
It's your choice how much hatred you want to spew into the atmosphere. Your choice. Completely up to you.
Toma en cuenta que cualquier persona que quiere dejar un mensaje puede dejarlo donde se dejan mensajes en NEOCITIES, asi que todo el mundo puede ver la conversacion.